Double Wall Insulated Christmas Tree Star Cups

Double Wall Insulated Christmas Tree Star Cups



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Latte Coffee Mugs Whiskey Glass Cup Drinkware

Bullet Points:

1、Multi-purpose: milk, flower tea, oatmeal, coffee, juice, health tea.
2、Christmas star wishing cup: borosilicate glass has the inherent characteristics of low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
3、Explosion-proof, crack-proof, high-temperature resistant, 150 °C quenching heat -20 ° C-130 ° C.
4、Festive atmosphere: golden and white snowflakes dance in the air, evergreen is a symbol of life to make life vibrant.
5、Good meaning: Every time you use it, you will meet a meteor and make a beautiful wish. You can make a birthday present, a Christmas present, and a normal item.

Name: Christmas Star Wish Cup
Material: borosilicate heat resistant glass
Capacity: 250ml
Weight: 240g ± 10g (because of manual blowing, the actual weight is slightly different, please take caution when you are too concerned)
Dimensions: mouth diameter 9cm, bottom diameter 6cm, height 11cm (manual measurement has some errors)
Can withstand temperature difference: -20 ° ~ 130 ° C


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